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Welcome to Fucked Ceramics!


Swish Number: 1233311131


Here you will find my stoneware ceramics created by me in Björnstorp, Sweden.

Each product comes with information on care instructions and more.

I also have a physical store that is unmanned and open at all times.

You can find it here: 



I have been a singer-songwriter and musician since 2005, touring and releasing three albums.

Since having children, I felt the need to explore other creative avenues and started designing fabrics, selling them by the meter under the brand Hjärta Hertzman.

Now, I have taken a break from the world of fabrics and ventured into ceramics, which is absolutely wonderful! It's a dream come true for me!

If you'd like to join a "Play with Clay" workshop with me, please contact me at hello@fuckedceramics.com.


Me live at Sommarrock i Svedala 2018

Min keramikverkstad
My Studio 
Min keramikverkstad
My Studio 
Min hund Kattis (ja märkligt namn) och katten Bibbi är trogna gäster i verkstaden
My dog "Kattis" and the cat "Bibbi"


About the Company

Anna Hertzman AB

VAT. SE559091164901

(Swedish organisationsnummer. 559091-1649)

Björnstorp 754 24798 Genarp Sweden

Phone Number: +46 706975550

Email: hello@fuckedceramics.com

Swish Number: 1233311131